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while on holiday recently, i met many a chav both british and i am afraid to say french. THEY ARE SPREADING!!! i think that the grand plan from the master chav (wayne rooney, Mike Skinner someone like that) is to build a chav army and go on the rampage, first to the main depot of argos for liz duke crap and trackie bottoms from the additions catalogue and then across the pond to all go and live in the biggest mcdonalds in the world.
the british chav’s were bad but in a way they are like zoo animals-you can just watch from the outside whereas the french variety are very in your face. they had those beautiful Nike TN two tone caps on-all of them in identical ones and on one morning at the pool, they stole a football, put loungers in the pool and threw the life guard in. They also harrassed all the english girls-cue near riot “EEEEYYYAARRRRRRR wot the fook are you’s doin wiv my fookin bird man?” i presume the answer was in similar nasal tones that all chavs possess.
while i come from chavton under lyne – a place fairly small but extremely well represented on this site, even i was overwhelmed by the pure chaviness of the french. OH MY GOD IT IS SPREADING.

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