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O yes its carlisles turn, and b4 u ask i no the ‘irony’ of my name!

For all you people who have constantly slagged off wigton HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN TO CARLISLE. yes i realise wigton is full of ***** but come on look at this….

we have raffles, currock and harraby – or scarraby as i like 2 call it.

some of the people who live in these estates r lovely but some of them r down rite assholes and complete *****.

Raffles: they hang around the phone boxs, the parks, street corners and the ‘flower garden’ which should be more aptly named the drug garden. most people who live here are drug dealers or take drugs them selves. I in fact have been to a drug takers house and it aint a bloody pretty sight. Extasy, Crack you name it theyve took it.

They walk around with their hoodies on with the hoods up and wear burberry or burbcherry caps on, trackie bottoms tucked in to their thread bare socks and rockports on or rocksports just whatever.
Alot of the mums are teenage mums or had their kids when they were 12, i do not have a problem with it i am just stating the facts.

Most of the girls ‘pretend’ they are pregnant to keep their men and then ‘loose it’ which i personally think is down right disgusting. This has been an experience to me as 3 people who live here did that to my now boyfriend.

I also used to work in Mills which is on newtown rd, on the corner of raffles. I got abuse, shop lifters and kids as young as 10 askin for ****. They walk around town thinking they own the damn place and heckling young children or old people.
All i can say is thank **** they have knocked down half of it and are now building a new housing bit, and knock down the rest of the ******* place coz it is giving carlisle a horrible reputation.

as for currock and harraby – there are two parts to both of these one is good and one is bad.
I myself lived in the ‘good’ part of currock and i enjoyed living there for the best part of 6 months. BUT every time I had to catch the bus or go and buy food from the coop i wud be quite scared of the ***** that **** around there. Its disturbing to think that teenagers can frighten the holy hell out of adults/ or even other teenagers.

Haraby i have never been to, but my mum is a teacher at the school and some of the kids that are as young as 11 scare the holy bejesus out of her. I am aware that quite alot of people who live there are nice as I know a few but the rest are like the people from raffles.

I would like to think of Carlisle as a peaceful town , but how can you think that when every time you go out on the lash to have a good time there is always some **** who spoils it by either starting on u or ya mates or starting a fight in a night club.

GROW UP i say, come clean and give carlisle a spiggin good name for christs sake. Stop drinking wife beater and snakebite and black and get on the straight and narrow u bunch of ****.

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