Written by Anonymous.

Since i was about 13, chavs have destroyed the neighbourhood that i grew up in. I grew up in Harris Avenue, Rumney, Cardiff.

What once was a normal street, with green trees, and a park to the back of the house, with kids playing has turned into a refuge of chav scum, with the only solution being battery acid and / or a shotgun to their faces.

Every single day, chavs are outside the park, “dissin me nan” and everyone else going past. They ride their dirt bikes up and down the park daily, especially in the summer.

The police are scared to even go down the street, the attitude problems have got so bad, that the only way to escape is to sell up, and move to a smaller house in a better area, if you can afford to.

Some misinformed people think that chavs are just normal working class people, who are demonised. WRONG. i am working class, proud of it, but you dont see me going around, beating women up, shouting at people randomly, taking drugs or driving cars and bikes down the street at 80mph.

the only solution is to lock these bastards away

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