canterbury, kent

long thought of as a pictoresque tourist location, canterbury is perhaps the hub of **** nation. No other town or city has ever made me feel so privilaged and well dressed! From the estates ridden with **** artefacts to the TK Max superstore this place deserves a mention.

On any visit to the city centre a trip to mcDonalds will allow you to experince canterburys finest *****. the benches outside house groups of twelve yr olds dressed in the finest burbery and addidas attire. Many sport the look of tucking their trousers into a crisp clean pair of white nike socks. The females still suffer from pat butcher syndrome, with earings bought from a ***** stall. Even on a winters day, many a **** can been seen sporting their favourite hacket top tied around their waste whilst taking the short trip up to wilkinsons to induldge in some retail therapy. The wilko’s superstore. situated on two floors caters for their everyday needs and if they are feeling particularily generous they can pop next door to jd sports to buy some new baseball caps or reebok classics

There are a number of council estates in canterbury. perhaps the top 3 are hayles place, london road and sturry (slurry) road.

How grim is your Postcode?

the first is renound for late night bugleries as ***** attempt to “purchase” presents for their childrens birthdays.

Sturry road is perhaps the ideal home for any **** with provisions made for catering, shopping and entertainment. The local Burger King drive thru is ideal for any **** wishing to wine and dine his 15yr old girlfiend/sister whilst driving around in his nova. Near by is the aformentioned Tk Max superstore and mcdonals. The perfect day out for the **** family.

this isnt the complete picture of the cantebury **** nation. A visit is well worthwhile , or perhaps to near by ashford

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