Cannock, Staffordshire

StaffordshireWest Midlands

It has to be said that Cannock is a “nasty” **** town. Everywhere you walk there is either a **** in front or a **** following you flashing the Elizabeth Duke cheap gold and that infamous poxy walk cruising the “I’m hard and don’t f*** with me” attitude. When i go upto Cannock to shop, you see the congregation of ***** & ********* around Greggs, St.Lukes Church or most famously leaning over the rails in Cannock Shopping Centre. Yeap. Outside our Argos and InShops where you buy “the gear”. BORING. I’m a clubber and wish Cyberkids would come back!

I can’t forget to mention McDonalds and Silks. WOW! I love these places!……..Not. When are they going to get it into their dumb skulls that it’s a place to eat not to slam it round in a mocked up fiesta with neons that’s had it’s day. It should be in the scrap pile. Oh and don’t you just LOVE the amount of time they parade around the drive-throu? Get me a machine gun.
Silks! Pint & a fight! If you want decent places to “**** it”, try Mamies. It needs a facelift.
Why do you think i’m such a moaning git? Because it’s STUPID. Why people wanna hang around a shopping centre, get pissed at the local off licence and piss in parks and have their own “groups” is beyond me. Pityful. Oh……..and can you do something about your caps? Burberry is out. Don’t you follow fashion? Some of the **** lads are well sexy! I woish you were’nt so dumb in the *** as well as the head. Just don’t be dirty and try to remember you need to wash morning and night lads 🙂

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