Living in Cannock, Staffordshire

Go into Cannock town centre any weekday, after midday of course, and all the pubs and betting shops will be full of unemployable parasite chavs.

16stone fag-smoking mums screaming ‘shut the f**k up’ to the three kids she’s towing and the other one pushing the pram whilst she’s on the way to the dole office. ‘I’m entitled to my benefits!’ is a scream you’ll hear daily coming from the DHSS offices.

Chavs in their late teens are often seen around High School entrances around 3.30 weekdays, attempting to sell twigs and flour to 11 yr olds as ‘hard stuff’. Untouchable, they have their solicitors phone number stored in their pay-as-you-go mobile…they know their rights. Can’t name a three-digit number, but they know their rights.

Adult chavs can be seen Friday and Saturday evenings en masse at the towns drinking establishments. ‘Innit’ can be anything from ‘I want to shag your wife’ to ‘me and my mates are going to be sick on you after we’ve beaten you up’. Such a pleasant, intellectual species.

You can’t polish a turd.

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