Calne – the toilet town

South WestWiltshire
How to begin about Calne – ah yes, the only good thing about the place is the way out. If you are a resident of calne, your either one of the commuters or you are built into the fabric.
It is truly the only place where people move house down the ******* street! The average person there has an iq that stays in single figures and there really is nothing that you can do about it.
Townies, ***** and Moshers all group up in one little outfit and hang around the town centre like a horde of ill trained baboons. Teenage ***** are bad enough, but these little scrotes are in there twenties and still trying to impress the little girls who hang around.
The usual uniform is ****** little tracksuits, obligatory bling and above all a ******* bmx! Even now, going into the town centre is seeing a horde of idiot ******* children, usually in between 20 and 200 hundred of the little bastards.
Fridays and Saturday nights generally consists of a drink or two in the town centre then running a gauntlet of abuse, obstacles and the little twats who decide they want to shove you about, then when you punch the ******* out, you get a visit from the police.
Heroes in Calne generally tend to be the senior smackheads, who regale the junior skaghead section with how hard they are. It’s ********. They pack knives but can’t use them, stink like a toilet for typhus sufferers and really should do us a favour and get a shower.
The only real places to go are the pigs in the town centre and congregating around the outside of the charcoal grill.¬†Sometimes they will have firework riots and generally intimidating families is another favourite. If they get bored, they hop on a bus to Chippenham and fight the ***** there… Sad Sad little people with nothing better to do.
If there was ever an argument for compulsory sterilisation, the reprobates who hang around the town centre truly are that.

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