callington the crack den

CornwallSouth West

Callington it seems unlike alot of towns i have been reading about as aposed to being blessed with the mouthy larey ****/swilly/scallys, thats only the start of the ***** education here infact i would go as far as to say thats what the 6 year olds are doing.

no our town is infected with a virus that is known as chavivitas its basicaly the hardcore version of being a **** and there are a few peramiters you MUST pass to get in

A : you must have done at least 2 class “A” drugs ( and that doesnt mean they were good, were talking legal classification).

How grim is your Postcode?

B : your nose must have been broken more than once and it cant be self inflicted.

C : you must be a young dad who did a runner or a young mother who drowned there deformed skag baby.

D : must have assaulted at least 4 seperate police officers ( male of female )

and they are the basic starting points to get in ” the gang ” and needless to say anybody that isnt in ” the gang ” gets there life turned into hell. usefull tactics for avoiding confrontations are running, ducking in the nearest shop ( even if it is a sports shop ), throwing a small child or elderly person in there direction so as too make a crafty escape – thats a favourite of mine.

another charming attribute of the ***** is the comunal needle sharing its quite clever realy – instead of wasting money on new hypo’s they just share them so they can buy more skag for the next time.

basically what im trying to say is if you ever are unfortunate enough to have to come near here DONT STOP AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS because your wheels will disapear from underneath you.

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