Caerphilly County Burough

Mid Glamorgan

Caerphilly Central Town – Going to town in caerphilly can be a risky game if you were to bump into some ******* who would have the audacity to start giving you trouble for no reason, it may seem like a nice place to go shopping on a saturday, but saturday nights can be a good time to avoid the town

Landsbury Park (a few blocks away from town) – Landsbury is the land of the lost, drunk, drugged up anti-socials and stinking attutudes, if you manage to find someone well mannered in Landsbury park you may also want to try your luck with the lottery, people there will take the piss out of you, give you attutude and push their way into your life to make it a living hell many landsbury ***** will assault you if they fear you are not a lansbury local like them, even if you only live across the road, you may be challenged if you are new to them.

Penrhroel – flooded with drugs, getting it is as easy as going to the shop, if they are unable to gain possesion, chances are the drug market is going downhill throughout the UK, some people in penrhoel can be respectful, other common penrhoel ****’s help make the place look untidy, the top shop is their little hang out spot, flooded with anti-social drug addict that would gladly take advantage of your vulnerable presence. Penrhoel is almost as bad as landsbury park in circumstances.

Merthyr Tydfil – Gurnos Estate is a well known **** hole, you’re wheels will be removed from your car if you are to park it anywhere near Merthyr or Gurnos estate, you’ll probably have your shoes taken off you if you stand in the same place for too long.

Bargoed – Typical **** pissup town

Phillipstown (New Tradegar) – replica of landsbury park

Many more

By: Traumatised

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