Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Lancashire, North West, United Kingdom

On the surface Bury seems an ok town until you spend any length of time there. The town is full of chav scroats who are incapable of social skills on any level and blatantly uneducated. This is in reference to individuals let alone when you see the whole family together – its like the stages of evolution without the intelligence arriving at any point. Males will often pick an argument with females only because they think they would stand more chance of making themselves look ‘big’ (instead of picking arguments with another male) but most find out very rapidly they lose and embarrassingly at that. Females pick an argument with whatever will show any level of attention and find people ignore them because we cant hear what you are saying – only dogs can hear your high pitched screaming. They posture and threaten but absolutely only if in a group and threats are unintelligent attempts at verbal communication usually littered with the only vocab they know which is of the four letter kind (after four letters they cant say it/spell it or understand it).  When encountered on their own chav scroats show their true colours. In reality there’s more spine in a s**t than what these people possess.

Society would be a far better place and more intelligent without them. Natural selection hasn’t worked but survival of the fittest will hopefully prevail.  They might actually stop breeding at the age of 14 now the government is axing the benefits they could claim previously. Bury chavs incidentally have taken inbreeding to a whole new level.

The normal(by normal I mean ones with social skills and self awareness), educated and hardworking people of Bury are awesome. To the chav family populations – you are a disgrace!

  • Geoffrey Tyson

    If you really must write such a diatribe as this, do have
    the commonsense to spell properly – otherwise people will know that you are an uneducated

  • DiamondLights8

    I live in Bury and am quite happy about it. There are significantly worse places to live, of that I have no doubt, and many of them are in the rest of Britain. In comparison with the surrounding former mill towns of Oldham, Bolton, Rochdale & Burnley, Bury is a positive oasis. The majority of the town’s population are actually British for a start, which is always a bonus nowadays. We have clean streets, a state of the art shopping centre and great countryside within a stones throw. The people are generally normal, pragmatic but cheerful northern folk, quite opposite to the the strange breed of human to be found in the southern half of the country. Bury folk were responsible for the cotton industry upon which the Empire was built, have a long and illustrious history of providing manpower for the British Armed Forces, and the football team still holds the record for the biggest FA Cup Final Win. Bury market is also ‘world famous’, with the Sultan of Brunei often seen perusing the tripe and settee-foam stalls.

  • Carl Grandpopstobe Hickman

    Do you not know that Bury is in bloom, it’s only the half wits that cannot handle their beer that you are talking about…probably you included… grow up
    Which fine province of land does your daddy own, as you sound credible.
    Take the silver spoon out before you answer it’s rude to talk with your mouth full, don’t you know

  • James

    What a load of utter rubbish. Bury is a fine town to live in.

  • John van daar

    Hello, i am also a man from Bury, England i used to love me town but it has become over run by chavs and muslims gangs

  • Sarah

    How wrong could you be, I have lived here for 20 years after my parents moved from holland and could not ask for a nicer place to live. I have been educated here and have grown up here. I love bury and would not live any where else. I have traveled to other places and seen what low lives there are but most of the poeple in bury are nothing like that. As a small town we only yesterday privilege to hold the funneral of Lee Rigby and If it was a town full of low life’s we would not have help such an event, which had the worlds eyes on it.

  • frank jones

    who ever has wrote that about bury your an idiot …
    so so stupid .. there are smart people where ever you go . i have lived there for 12 years its a great town best shopping centre world famous market . an the people esp girls are the best looking in the land lol most of the people are very nice . very quiet where i live

  • Peter Knows

    You are so wrong about Bury. It does not seem an ok place and it does not take any amount of time to see and hear all the scumballs. Scruffy trampy chavtown who`s locals cant even afford a happy meal.

  • Don’t let the Chavs win

    Matty, learn to spell for Christ’s sake. It is not difficult and you might attain a shred of credibility next time you choose to rant at someone on the internet for expressing their own opinion.

    To get to my point. You may think Matty that you are sticking up for Bury and the people in it with your comment. In fact, your lack of tolerance for people who think differently to you shows that you are just as ignorant as you probably think Loki2007 is.

  • louise

    I am Bury born and bred and I can honestly say although you do come across as a very bitter individual, everything you say is correct. Bury does play home to a large number of anti-social groups, but news flash sweetheart; so do most industrial towns in this part of the country. So do many parts of London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool. the comments made in this feature are in no way exclusive to Bury, you could replace the name with any town and it would still stand. Sorry to tell you, and yes, I do have a full time job, University education and have succeeded in getting to 23 without any unwanted pregnancies. Not everyone in Bury is uneducated or a scrounger. I would be interested to hear where you live though. I’m assuming it is a flawless utopia? you have rediscovered Atlantis perhaps? Let me know

    • David Bell

      She didn’t say everyone in Bury is an uneducated scrounger and why do you think she lives in ‘Utopia’ just because she has pointed out what everyone knows! Get off your high horse, she is entitled to her opinion.

      • Ian Crowther

        If everyone knows and the behaviour and demographical content of any town in Britain is similar, then why the vitriolic heuristics? The narrative, and quite poorly, describes the every day experience in a British town of equal size. Nothing like taking time to tell everyone what they already know – pointless.

        Opinions are fine, but they should be balanced with examples and evidence otherwise they lack substance and credibility. What the original passage directs the reader to is little other than a descriptive barrage of apparent anger – hope the person felt better for it afterwards as it reflects more on them as a person and their ability to write than it does on Bury as a market town.

  • matty

    How can you say this about bury you probly dont even know anyone to judge the town , i am bury born n bred , i wear trackie pants n huddies does that mean ur guna judge me for what i wear , i fink everyfin you said is bull crap and you need to sort your head out n stop judging people when you dont no them or ther towns !

    • shaun

      there you go, point proved

  • Adam Barnes

    And now I live down the road from here, in Radcliffe.

    Lock your doors, boys. Lock them good.