Bury, Lancs

On the surface Bury seems an ok town until you spend any length of time there. The town is full of **** scroats who are incapable of social skills on any level and blatantly uneducated. This is in reference to individuals let alone when you see the whole family together – its like the stages of evolution without the intelligence arriving at any point. Males will often pick an argument with females only because they think they would stand more chance of making themselves look ‘big’ (instead of picking arguments with another male) but most find out very rapidly they lose and embarrassingly at that. Females pick an argument with whatever will show any level of attention and find people ignore them because we cant hear what you are saying – only dogs can hear your high pitched screaming. They posture and threaten but absolutely only if in a group and threats are unintelligent attempts at verbal communication usually littered with the only vocab they know which is of the four letter kind (after four letters they cant say it/spell it or understand it).  When encountered on their own **** scroats show their true colours. In reality there’s more spine in a **** than what these people possess.

Society would be a far better place and more intelligent without them. Natural selection hasn’t worked but survival of the fittest will hopefully prevail.  They might actually stop breeding at the age of 14 now the government is axing the benefits they could claim previously. Bury ***** incidentally have taken ********** to a whole new level.

The normal(by normal I mean ones with social skills and self awareness), educated and hardworking people of Bury are awesome. To the **** family populations – you are a disgrace!

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