Burton upon Trent

I just cant believe that my home town of Burton on Trent is not on this website!!

Surely one of the Homes of the original ****: the Burtonian **** can be identified into several breeds: Winshill Wasps, Stapenhill Spiders, ***** from ‘down the Avenue’ (Harper Avenue), the list goes on and on.  Rivalled only by the neighbouring Newhall **** from the dizzy heights of Swadlincote, Burton ***** vary from tribe to tribe – in fact, I was delighted to find an original **** still sporting a SHELL SUIT this weekend!!  If anyone reading this is from Burton, then I’m originally from Short Street, and the **** in question lives on the same street, near the supermarket!  They had to tear the shelter down from the shops to stop the ***** congregating underneath it; they weren’t actually doing anything in particular, it was just the powers that be exercising their, er, powers. 

The tribal ****’s main varying feature, in Burton, is the haircut – newhall *****, or ‘Swaddies’ have a number one allover, except for a tiny ‘fringe’ at the front, bleached blond (similar to a pissy-coloured stoat colour), and this can be spiked, or brushed forward depending on the particular mood.  Swaddy ***** can be found in the Sir Nigel Gresley most weekends, whilst Burtonian ***** congreagte in the Corner House: formerly known as ‘Peggy’s’.  Trendier ***** from Stapenhill go down to the Dart (aka the Deadly Dart) on Short Street, and are now branching into mullets and are becoming harder to spot, altho once a ****, always a ****.

How grim is your Postcode?

My boyfriend you to ask if I felt like robbie fowler going back to toxteth, when I visited my old street…… 

I’d love to hear if anyone has encountered any ***** from BOT, Swad, Ashby etc?

Keep it up everyone, been really laughing at all the postings.

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