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The Brewing capital.. Once, a great town of the Industrial Revolution. Saw the first signs of Chavism in the late 1950s…..(this is where it all began)

Boarderd by its huge council estates built at that time to house the ancestors of this great chav nation we are now subjected to. Wether you enter this town from the north or south you’ll soon be blinded by the gathering of chavs at one of there 107 Maccy’DS outlets which arise all over the town.

The burton chav is by far the least sophisticated of the chav nation. These lot have the usual dress sense as the rest however it is very rarely washed and worn cleanly. The chavette however seems to be slightly different in the cleanliness department but has not yet realised that wearing a crop top when your a size 18 does not make you look like britney spears…althought ‘HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME’ is apt for these unclassy chav’s when having a street brawl after 12 pints of carling and dancing on the tables in cafe mocca….

There isn’t one place in the town you won’t find this species they are everwhere. Then come the chav chariots of the young forget mamms and pappas a converted trolley form farm foods is the first transport the young chav will have…( Burberry lining is optional ). On form this the young chav will grow up and the story will continue :-


1. a council house
2. a vauxhall nova or ford fiesta
3. that sky tv
4. a plasma tv with a screen the size of cinneword
5 rent, council tax and benefit.



This breed just don’t know easy they’ve got it…….!

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