Burnt Oak

All the young scallywags with no money and no jobs hang out in this ****-hole called Burnt Oak. The most common baby name in the area is Watling, due to The Watling being the concieving capital of the world. If you’re 14 – 16 and you haven’t got a kid then you don’t belong in the Oak.
Von Dutch capital of Middlesex.
Even Cromwells Bazaar went out of business because the kids were so poor that they couldn’t even afford a pair of spanking new Pepe’s. To make a living in ‘The Oak’ you must father your sisters child so the pair of you can gain some child benefit. Council flats in Burnt Oak come with a free bird cage, 6 tyres outside your front door and a Ford Granada from 1983 that still seems to act flash whilst cruising.

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