Living in Burnley, Lancashire
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Worst GCSE results in Britain during 2012, one of the highest unemployment rates, shite football team and high welfare activity.

The town should be in Yorkshire; the people of Burnley speak and act like a Yorkshire folk, it borders Yorkshire and has no place in God’s county – Lancashire. Turf Moore A.K.A. Turd Morgue looks like the worlds largest public toilet.

Most towns in Lancashire aren’t particularly nice, but Burnley takes s**t to the next level. A good number of men living in Burnley have had it with their sister, that’s one of the reasons the current generation of kids living in Burnley are failing GCSE’s etc…

The people of Burnley pronounce it as “Burnleh” in case you we’re wondering. Don’t ever visit the town without taking an injection from you’re local GP or if you can help it, don’t visit Burnley. You can call me bitter but Burnley is truly a “s******e”.

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