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i lived in burnley most of my life, when i was younger, everythingwas perfect and good, i had a normal life. I hit my mid teens and realised what was happening, and after the night i got jumped off a bunch of ” ***** ” i noticed that the town id spent all my life in was turning into a **** land.

They seemed to be more of them every week, more stories in the paper about local OAP’s being robbed, the number of applicants for the doll was rising each year, and as im here now, nearly 16 years old, the town i once knew has now been buried under fear for your own well being.

Spotty, scabby teenagers with bruised faces, a dirty cigarette and a fake lacoste tracksuit thats now an off white colour with holes in the bottoms asking you if you can lend himĀ a fiver.

How grim is your Postcode?

The number of young motherhood is now the highest its ever been in the north west, just in burnley alone … people as young as 14 being forced out of education (not that they would ever have used it anyway) and seen pushing a 2 and a half wheeled buggy around with a can of stella in the baby’s cup holder. This town has no hope. No pride. No respect.

(and a **** football team might i add)

P.s – Lacoste, Fred Perry and designer gear of that sort WAS NOT i repeat NOT made for the likes of ****** mother *******. They were once over very well respected makes. Now they represent the **** ups of society. Shame.

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