Burgess Hill: small hole of the chavs

South EastWest Sussex

ok, so i live in a crap town, this place is chav city. i had brown sauce thrown on me just cos i dress in aviator sunglasses and wear a mod jacket. Everyone in this town is retarded (but not me!) They hang around near block buster and at regular intervals they try to nick a dvd, only to find out that they keep them behind the counter. they love to shop in wilkinson where they buy bricks to eat. once they find out the bricks are not edible they throw them at windows. They did the funniest thing ever one day. i was renting a dvd when a chav came and lobbed a brick at the window of blockbuster (ive made many enimies) when the brick hit the perspex window, it bounced back and hit him on the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was mental after that and ran back to his trailer. Also, on a final note, a chav was working in mc donalds when he dropped his burger in the deep fat frier, so, naturally he picked it out of the boiling hot liquid, burned his hand and threw it on the floor. just then another chav slipped on the burger and got covered with chips.

I think this is the most infested town in britan

ps: there are about 100 vauxhall novas around there