Living in Bulwell, Nottingham
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This is one chav/chavette infested sh*thole that needs to be added to your archive, located on the outskirts of Nottingham it features all the local amenities that are important to a chav (McDonalds, plenty of shops to “teef” from, a video shop to “hang out” at….the list goes on!)

Luckily I only have to drive though on my way home but this is plenty on time to be gawked at by all kinds of inbred morons, covered in cheap shitty clothing purchased from local flea markets & more gold then Mr T. I have NEVER seen an area so densely populated with 14 year old chavettes with one scruffy, dirty looking child in pram & “one on the way”….

The dad, usually called Gareth is 21, owns a clapped out W Reg Cora, with a super fat exhaust (noisy f*ckers) & has just returned from a stint “inside” for “teefing” from the afore mentioned shops….

These f*ckwits need to be sterilised before they can spread their seed any further then necessary…..Believe me they will!

Bulwell – Chavtacular!

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