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Ahhhhh the golden triangle…. the ultimate in Chavsville the chavs that all chavs aspire to be like when they grow up !

So welcome to my home Buckhursthill part of the notorious Golden Triangle of Essex where the rich play hard and the chavs do to!
Every other car is a porsch which means that we must be exempt from having chavs WRONG!
Not only is there a strange neon glow as you enter the town (thanks to all that St Tropez bolloxs) but you will also find the standard Von Dutch clad fake breasted gucci glasses far to big for face hair extension wannabe footballers wife in X5 screaming at Billy/Bobby to ‘baaaaabe get in the car u know mummys got to ‘ave her nails done’ whilst falling out of BLUE MONDAYS BAR(Queens Rd)and shoving another gram of coke up her nose.
Oh the joys in living in such a priveliged post code how lucky am i ?????
It never ceases to amaze me how such chavs do alright in life for themslves i mean they r thick as S**T and look like it without the old slap on f**k any geezer who offers them a bit of coke and their mates and still manage to get the money the house the car etc etc etc
The only difference is that they have a bit more money than the rest of the Burberry clad chavs and this gives them an air of arrogance i mean u can just picture it cant you.
Come and take a look for yourselves i promise you wont be disspointed or , even better, take a holiday to Marbella its full of them.
As i said this is what your standard chav wants to be when they grow up just look at Daniella Westbrook …………..

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