Ah, the wonderful picturesque industrial revolution-era town of Broseley, nestled above the great Salopian tourist trap that is Ironbridge! A must for all ****-watchers. Who can ignore the ****** SPAR shop where many a kappa covered gimp hangs around, shouting abuse at pensioners, rockers, and anyone not adorned with jewellery from Argos! Check out the Albion pub or Broseley winebar for an experience that may put you in hospital as you dodge flying glasses and sovereign ring-covered fists whilst attempting to reach the bar just because you’re “a stranger” and you “look a bit different”. And don’t leave this wonderful town before you visit Wilkinson Avenue, the most **** ******** part of Broseley, with its flat-roofed grey box houses and fat old ***** that think it’s normal to eat raw sausages and have a stolen barrel of beer on a tap in the kitchen, nicked from the charming “members only” social club whilst the owner was busy being beaten by seven foot thugs in his own home. Ah Broseley, it truly is the awful **** epicentre of Shropshire!

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