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i can honestly say, i dont recognise britain today it is a s******e of ginormous atnotomous proportion, so many hummer bummers, claiming dole of the state goverment, when you think so many of us are going out to work to keep these dick head w*****s ina job and that they dont bother to put anthing, f**k all back into this country. so heres a question for everyone "what is the point in going to work?" , to pay your bills, keep your kids fed, keep a reasonably good state of mind, a rhetoic al question, not something that really needs answering

As for football players, rugby players and British celeb stars they are all an overpayed bunch of slobby c***s, if you said hello to a footballer today they would just walk past you, give you a rude look or whatever and as for these celeb stars such as David Becham, Ronaldinho who plays for man city they dont care about the shirt, and they are always whinning about how worse off they really are, they want to try living in a two up and two down in an area like Toxteth in ,liverpool or Manachster Mosside, driving a clapped out car and the local spar shop being the only thing the residents worth staying in the area for, you know, that brings me onto my next point, Rafeal Benitez the liverpool manager has caused unrest in the dressing room this season because he is umming and arring about a contract, "f**k him off" hicks and do yourselves and everone at Liverpool Fc a favour, he ought to apreciate the lifestyle he has got, not be nowty, which brings me onto my next point,         
Junior league football, the kids now are under so much pressure from parents, you go to  the games and all you hear is aprents calling each other saying "you fuckin knob" "what are you fuckin saying" no wonder with parents like these who sort of drill it into them from a young age that they have to win, whatever the cost, whoever you upset, as longg as you win, and  as long as you do our "dingle" family name proud(as emmerdales dingles would say) by having a pop at  teamates or confronting someone, or hurting someone we dont give a f*****g s**t!, it makes me quake in my boots what it is like behind closed doors the pressure the kids must be under to succeed in sport, looking at it it makes me want to blow myself out of bed at night.
Tv , is pretty crap, tv shows like Eastenders, the pitimy of humanity that programme is, big comapnies like MFI and Woolworths are closing down, there are so many areas with drug problems, alcoholizim has gone through the roof we must be drinking it faster than it is made, booze britain plc is what we call this, so many kids out there dont know who there family is, who to call dad or mum because one of there parents has copped off with anouther man or women, and of course when families split up, the easiset ways to sort this is call mr Jeremy Kyle, have a good bifting match on his show or screaming match on his show and guess what……….. that will solve everything, i watch it at home sometimes on my day off and it is pathetic how they go on "one man nutted anouther man on tyelevision lat year" what a way some of these titalating gobshites go on on television, i couldnt f*****g compte if i tryed.
Government, well the banks have well and truly snookered us up, theyve borrowed too much money and noww we are wondering, how are we going to pay all tis back, well they should have thought about that in the first place "are you listening to this, you great fat overpayed w*****s!" , weve let so many foreigners into the country its untrue, you go to Bradford and itrs like "spot the whte man" and i am not being racist, but there are so many of them claiming "social security", even though there are jobs out there if you want them, they dont give a s**t half of them about work.
Gangs and gun crime are growing by the day, you are scared to walk out of a night now and yuv got one of these chavvy c**t belends after you making youre life hell, in croxteth liverpool, "rhyse jones" died for nothing, for walking home from junor football practice, "James Bulger" got mursdered by two lads Thompson and Venebles for nout, absolutely nothing all that liitle lad did and god bless him, is amke the god damn mistake of walking away from his mother, to these two s**t bastard, retatrted people who got 7 years for doing what they did?, they should be locked inside for life and the key thrown away, whether they were 10 years old or 100 yeras old, that was off the f*****g ricter scale and they need to be brought to justice and justice for that family needs to be brought to life, i could go on all day, but there you have it folks.

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