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other pages state that other towns are the main areas for chavs, but brockmoor definatly beats the lot. the main gathering area is the brockmoor house where u can find, the main drug dealers and pimps, if you go there asking for drugs the only thing can afford is poppers, and you will find yourself circled in amongst the local scruffs, who are ready to kick each others heads in for your spare change.

on other sites it states that chavs all wear fake nike, lacoste or reebok tracksuits, but these chavs actually wear the same colours, mainly white, with s**t stains, and all have bald heads.

if on the other hand you go there looking for pussy, you need go no further than the phone box opposite the brockmoor house, where you can find the local hussys numbers, they are two sisters that live just doors away from the pub, there names are debbie and gill whittiker. they look like dwarfs, of should i say umpa lumpas!  if you are unlucky enough to live in the area, then never leave your man in the house alone, they will have there eyes at the ready when you leave your home, and i know you think im about to say they will rob your home, but no thats not it! they will knock on your door and beg their way into your home, and f**k your man.

there was once a women who lived happily in brockmoor, with her hubby and their three children, her name is tracey, unfortunatly for tracey she befriended one of the sistrers (debbie, a.k.a umpa n.o. 2). debbie began to sleep with traceys boyfriend when tracey was at work. and one day they decided to run away together. debbies sister gill has a baby for at least half of the lads in the area, it is like a rainbow when you walk in her home as there are so many different coloured kids.

on the other side of the road to gill you have shelly, if you ever go to the area never go into shellys house if invited, im sure you have heard the expression,(you will have to wipe your feet when you leave) well! at shellys house you will have to wipe the s**t stains from your bottom, thats if your dare to sit down. and plse have the common sense not to drink the coffee, apart from the fact that it is bought from the local cosavens nad tastes like mud, you will have the s***s for weeks

and on pheasant street you have a couple who think they are the mafia, (dave johnson and simo!) the two of them think they are the cock of brierley hill, and you regularly see them fighting and screaming on the street, plse do not aproach them if you encounter them, as they will probably leave each other alone for once, and kick your head in!

on the high street you have the local asian shop, called fatty michaels, he will sell you anything you want including, canabis tea, to imported fags, at £2 a pack. there was once a chinese but that got burnt down, by chavs as the poor owner decided to stand up to them for once, and refused to give them the batter bits from the chips. now all you can see is a broken wall, and a burnt mess, the local authority has still not cleaned up the mess.

then, just down the road you have the gambles, they drink tea out of jam jars, and they get there clothes from the rubbish collection that the local council arranges twice a year, they drive round looking in the skips for their new shoes, and they love the one in august as they can get there children the new shcool uniform for coming term, so that they can spend there grant from the social in the commercial pub in pensnett.

but if you think any of this is bad, then you have to meet the hanslows on wallows road, even there 63 year old mother is a smack head, she gets the money for her habbit, by sitting at the end of the road, approaching any male in his 50s or older and offers them hand jobs or sex, and she can no longer give a blow job, due to the fact that she has been a ho for that many years that she has no muscles left in her face, and can longer suck!!! anyway you will have to go there yourself to find out. thats if you are brave enough!!!!!

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