bristol and the scumburbs (TM) an essay on the social ills of the south west

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this is more about hardcore chavism – the root of drug crime – in bristol a fine city but with an immense c**v problem –
Many people in the south west beleive that areas of bristol like st pauls and easton are no go areas and you’ll be instantly attcked, though these areas are quite intense they are mainly populated by large families who do the best they can in quite a tough city, unfortunately there is a huge crack problem due to generally yardie gangs controlling known drug scoring areas and premises- the black and white cafe , tasties, prince of wales – the ( nearly all of the consumers are white c**v s**m) junkies know these spots are easy to score here and housing is cheap with many unscrupulous slumlords allowing blatant drugselling from their propery , c***s here are a mixed bunch – you have crap anarchists who are reliant on the state they hate – generaly you’ll find a lot on the outskirts of st pauls easton and my area montpelier these are at the very lowest end of the spectrum – pallid skin white lightning to fend off the jitters – they argue over poxy drug deals in the street let their forlown feral children run wild and generally make a right mess with polluting old pick up trucks and dreadlock fury, lower than that you have the supposed homeless these are the bottom of the barrel and can be found in the highest concentration on the Stokes croft road – where the Big Issue is based – this place is a regular carnival of filth – I know that there are some serious housing issues but there is a sheltered accomodation on jamaica steet that provides housing for drug s**m to use as a base before begging enough for a rock and a bag – what a life they have ! easy as f**k – beg a 20 and you’re sorted and it is easy to beg over that in a couple of hours because generally people in the heart of bristol are liberal left wing dare I say it wetties? There are huge gangs of sweaty street stompers always in a hurry wearing top flight c**v wear – these guys are seriously fashionable – they are often rocking aquascutum ( the next step for c**v) or air shox – so they claim their giro and also beg – and get free accomodation – friends of mine have worked in keith foyer and other organisations that look after the broken and useless and genrally it easy to f**k the system and live a cushy life – opting out – anyway i digress
Hartcliffe is numero uno c**v terror tory – this is about 5 miles out of the city and is towerblock city – I went for a job interview there and on the way in I saw a triple pram with a trackie complete with bitch hoops and a ‘staffie’ terrier with a tennants in hand – no joke, then at the youth centre where I was considering working I witnessed a serious act of arson involving 3 mckenzied little oiks burning the pool table baize – I declined the job of course – for a year I have tried to help c**v kids break the cycle of idiocy by giving them access to djing courses break dance workshops football tournaments photoshop courses all activities widely unavailable to most of the world – some have been borderline c**v but mostly are societys worst fear – out of school, tooled up and of course unpunishable – so here i am writing to c**v s**m about c***s – there will always be c***s but things are definetly getting worsrse – the fall out of drug culture is more violent youth with easier access to state benefits and knowledge of how to play the system, there is a new class strata system with 3 levels of working class – those that have crap jobs but graft to get a decent place and might have bad table manners but wouldn’t think of pissing it up in the daytime , then there are the working s**m who are orriblewith loads of kids scuzzy demeanour but go out and work all week in quickfit and scumerfield then get bombed on the weekend but still pay taxes, then there is the uberchav of hartcliffe or st georges or knowle west (home of tricky ex massive attack and successful man – well done ex c**v!) who have got the system licked – get at least 3 kids thats 5 incomes – start selling drugs from a council house and arm yourself ! as many flats in the area have I am sick of this essay now as c**v hating is meant to be fun good night!

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