Brinnington, Stockport, aka Brinny

Brinnington, Stockport, Property guide and review
Brinnington, Stockport, Property guide and review

I have to say that “Brinny” has to be the chaviest town ever. Brinny is isolated from Stockport, and Just as soon as you hit “Brinny Hill” you will come to no official sign that says what the area is, just a wall with the words “BRINNY” spray painted on it. Then as you go deeper into the Estate, you will see all the scruffy shops where you cant even see the shutters because there covered in graffiti. Even inside the shop it has Tags on the walls. LoL.

They even sell TN’s in there. Its Spar for god sake. You would be lucky if you even got near the shop without having a gang look you up and down, spit on you and say..” Wot da *** are you lukin at, dye want mi 2 bang ya ryt now”. As you turn the corner to try and get away you will find even more “scallies” Hangin around the shops!! And its not a nice place either…oh no!!There are dirty nappies lying around the streets, Druggy needles sticking out of the grass, smashed glass everywhere, beer cans, and graffiti again.

The local toilets are like a shop for drug dealers. Anyone who wants to buy any, go there. And the weird thing is that there is a Police station across the road which has been abandoned. There’s power fences and barb wire around the roof and yet nobody runs it?

How grim is your Postcode?

There is a lot of trouble that goes on between these “*****”. I mean me and my mum was walking to the library with my little sister- aged 1, and aload of yobs started gobbing it off to another lot of yobs. We’re there with a baby and a fight was kicking off, and not to mention across the road where another fight had already kicked off and someone got dragged into a car. Now  if thats not a bad advertisement for Stockport, I don’t know what is. And thats just a few things that happen. It has to be NW chaviest town!!!

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