brighton, churchill square

ah yes churchill square, home of the Too Messy Crew

yea want to know something i was apart of this crew a few years back, and i know them all mostly (although we never speak cos we hate eachother)

yes at night its there roaming spot, it used to be down by the king alfred in hove, thats where i first joined, but back then, it was just us all sitting around having a drink with a little bombfire, yes we caused trouble but we was young (i was never a ****, but my friends were) and the trouble we caused was play fighting in the middle of the road, blowing up lighters , a destroying the public toliets

How grim is your Postcode?

let me tell you something dont be scared of these people, they are weak a couple of years back i would of said “yes they are ‘ard, watch your step”
but that was only cos i was part of them, most of them live in whitehawk, and hove, they are all fakes, they all live in nice big houses, with their mums and dads, and bros and sisters. well thats a lie they dont all live like that but they might aswell

heres something to make u laugh, half of them are emotional idiots, the last day of my secondary school, i had a few of them around me drunk out of their minds, (as usual) with the ‘ardest girl crying on my shoulder saying she will miss me (even though i hated her, and she hated me and we both knew it) emotional wrecks too be honest.

if i havent seen every guy in that ‘crew’ cry once, then ive seen it twice, and the girls even more.

and ***** to the fullest, girls wearing mini skirts, and revealing tops and guys walking around with their hands down their trousers.

while these…people (if they are even worth that name) can fight, its only because they are in a group, like on animal shows, they hunt in packs but alone they are just as much the prey as we are.
but they prefer vocal bullying and the more of a reaction they get the funnier for them, the less reaction they get, then yes they will laugh but only at their own embarresment

i was told to make this funny, but y make it funny, you can get all the laughs you want at looking at them.

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