Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Sussex, South East, United Kingdom

why does evry1 mug brighton off if u actually became a chav u wldnt get started on by no1 because u will soon begin to no evry1 if ur hard and not a pussy the only people who get started on are if u think ur solid wen u actually aint and if u give sum1 da stare on be lairy or say u no people and they dont no u e.g(sayin u no tmc) hardly any1 hangs around town in the day so i dnt no why evry1 worrys

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  • BeerKeg

    What the f**k are you talking about, you illiterate gibbon?

  • helena

    If you have ever lived in Brighton how the f**k did you survive there…it’s one of the most cultured and beautiful places in England and definitely anti-chav.

    • Glamour Puss

      Rubbish. Brighton is chav, p***y, paedo and illegal immigrant central run by a self-important, anally-retentive clique of gays which is a front for paedophilia. And the police are as bent as a nine-pound note.