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Brighouse in the West Riding is the strangest place to find chavness, with very few exceptions, all the surrounds of Brighouse are normal suburbs, with very few “rough” areas – it then is a surprise to learn that Brighouse town centre is the sort of ****-******** dumps that you would be better off avoiding.
Known locally as “Dodge City” (Honestly), Brighouse has the kind of ****** atmosphere that makes the village in the movie the “Wicker Man” look positively multicultural. A stranger drinking there is immediately singled out, and is very likely to be the recipient of rough treatment unless they drink up and get out very smartish. Places of special note include the “Prince of Wales” – don’t be fooled by the olde-worlde decor – this only missed out being on “Britain’s Roughest Pubs because the camera crew refused to set foot in there. The (Now Defunct) Round Tavern – renowned for being the place where some lorry drivers were beaten senseless after they entered looking for a rest after breaking down on the nearby motorway sliproad.
The (Also defunct) Stotts Arms – last time I drove past there, I was treated to a fight involving many pissed up ****** ***** spilling out onto the road – imagine the opening scene of “Gangs of New York” and you get the picture.
The Bramble at Rastrick’s next door to the ****** Field Lane council estate, and if you enter and aren’t from Brighouse, then wear a crash helmet as you are likely to leave by being pitched through the windows.
All the usual **** hangouts are missing in Brighouse – there’s no cheap sports shops, McDonalds is out of town, no Argos – so maybe this is why the Brighouse **** is the “**** in disguise” little Burbery is on show, a main street too narrow for boy racers, but make no mistake, like the hunter who hunts in camoflage, the disguised one is often the most viscious – ask those who were on the Brighouse Gala charity floats the year they held the parade through the town centre – they were pelted with beer containers of all sorts.
I’ll finish off with a quote from one of the **** gang leaders in a message they gave to the police one time (And reported in the Evening Courier Newspaper) – “Keep out police (Or words to that effect), we own this town”.

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