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Having spent the latter part of my youth growing up in Bridgwater you can forgive me for my spelling mistakes, having been to Blake, I was poorly educated. ***** are a recent phenomena (ok Pandemic) and is truly a reflection of conformist culture. The death of Rave culture (the last true youth rebellion) and the free parties that were common place in and around the south west have given ground to clubbing and the end result of clubbing is the ****.

A superficial selfish ideology where ignorant ***** will meet on Thursday in Cranleigh Gardens, Blake gardens or Victoria park and not forgetting St Mathhews field (where the fair visits once a year!) and get totally rat arsed before heading off to one of bridgwaters clubs. When I lived there it was Harley D’s and Toffs but I hear now its The Palace, the next running battleground!

Language in Bridgwater is also unique. The **** now goes to Skoo in stead of School.

Their mother hang out their Warshin’

Most laughable is the confusion between Wells and Wales. I told people recently that I was moving to Wales and someone asked “What, Welsh wells?” or Wales near Glastonbury? Forgive my snobbery, but isn’t there a distinct Difference between Wales and Wells? Then to top it all off a local Bridgwater girl said why would you wanna goo wales for? they talk funny! If anyone has had the misfortune of having to visit or live in bridgwater you can understand how i nearly laughed in her face as her dialect is equally has funny if not downright hysterical.

To think that our children are going to grow up in a society dominated by selfish ******* ***** whose sole intention in life is to procreate from as many different people as possible (this would not be a problem else where but the genepool is so shallow) it has to be seen to be believed!!

The old men walk around with sideboards so big you can only describe them as buggery grips and lest we forget **** alley (longstone Ave) where all the single mothers, who always seem to be with each others boyfriends, depending on what day it is. Live and the residents of this hallowed street seem to have come from the **** Village of Woolavington.

Avoid East Bridgwater and Hamp, Heroin is rife on these two estates. I urge the residents of Bridgwater to rise up and kick the dealers out of town.

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