ShropshireWest Midlands

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the heart of the west midlands where the birds sing and the coal mines used to churn. Unfortuantly times have changed within the last two decade or so, ***** have ******** towns and unfortuanly they are spreading internationally now. But this is not the point ***** are slowly creeping into my everyday life, bridgnorth was once free of ***** now when i come back from my weekly shopping trip i see and **** father and a ******** pushing there offspring around my beloved town. This i have to say is a sad sight and it happens on a regular basis, the local Kwiksave is a hot spot for chavlings who have been lost and can never be recovered back into normal society. They like to stand outside with thier adidas trainers glowing underneath a lamp post which has various insults such as”courtney is a ****” in black marker pen. Many species of **** have a non-supeior intellect and think they are hard and tough, this sometimes is true but the majority of the time ***** a not muh stronger than a a moquisto underneath a fly swatter, this story proves it: once when i was waiting in dinner que and and small little migdet **** comes up and eloquently tells the dinner lady to **** off as i muttered under my breathe”[email protected]” he unfortuanlyb heard Oooo i thought i was in for a beating but instead he turned around and was almost crying the tears were litterally welling up in his eyes, since that day i haven’t been afraid of them. Another thing is recently around my town the tag MYE or MIE or some kind of **** inscription has appeared all over, the language of the **** is a mystery as well observe:
**** being:Sup bruv, **** man what up 2day wiv u?
Translation:Hello my good man, i’m not feeling to well today, how are you?
This is exactly what i mean, ***** should be put on a separte island where they can be left to (a) either breedor (b)**** eachother.
That is my conclusion

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