SomersetSouth West
Bridgewater really takes the biscuit when it comes to c***s.

Quite possibly the chaviest town in Somerset, everytime I go there, they seem to have grown in population…the town itself isn’t all that big, yet recently not one but TWO people appeared on ‘Poor little rich girls’ from Bridgewater. (They were both on the poor side, and the rich girls were not very impressed with lovely little Bridgewater)

Minus a couple, most of the shops are c**v-friendly, such as the 99p shop, Wilkinsons, Select, Seconds ahead, and not to mention around 15 charity shops.

Expect to find lots of people running around in cheap and nasty clothing, sports clothes, brightly coloured items…you get the idea.

On my last visit to Bridgewater we drove past a couple of blokes that had obviously been involved in a fight, covered head to toe in blood. Not a pretty sight, but nor is Bridgewater.

Stay away. You have been warned!

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