Bretonside Plymouth

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Has anyone noticed that there seems to be increasing numbers of Janners ******* out at Bretonside? (Plymouth’s bus station) …..

They all seem to congregate down there especially on Friday and Saturday nights. There are also some homeless janners that tend to hang out down there drinking their cheap cider that they’ve nicked from “Coop” asking if you “got any sper change “. It’s particularly unpleasant when you are waiting for a bus as they tend to follow you around. Bretonside also has a nasty smell of stale urine particularly outside “toilets” where they have had to install UV lighting to combat the crackheads.

As for the swills they regularly gather at weekends because the barriers are left up so they can drive their new swillmobiles and scooters (if they’re under 17) into the bus station. They are often seen “revvin” up there Novas and “floorin” it off round the forecourt playing club music at full volume. The “burrds” on the other hand watch from the platform, usually plastered with makeup ready for a night out clubbin; if the “buys” siphon enough fuel from the cars in the local carpark they usually take them for a quick ride before they both retire to the back seat.

How grim is your Postcode?

Another janner hangout in the station is “Tramp’s Cafe/Bar/Discotheque” which as the name suggests should be avoided.

Another reason for avoiding the area is that last year a swill murdered a woman down there.

The moral of the story is:


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