Braknel Posse Big Ups Ma Manz!! (Bracknell)

BerkshireSouth East

Oi uze lots, takin da pis outer Brakenel likez! Wez willz sort uz all out n’all if use dontt f**k of n’all! Now werez dat f**kin ice cram van agan mete cuz i wantz a whipy mete!

Welcome to Bracknell, a town that beautifully represents the urban decay and socialogical downfall within the United Kingdom. As the rest of the area modernised and big business moved in an entire class has been left behind with nothing to do except trim hedges, pave drives and steal lawnmowers. The scum that remain fill their time with drugs, pregnancy and petty crime and some where between these find time for an occasional visit to the benefits office. Bracknell chavs are all huge fans of ‘rap music’ and appear to have encorporated this into their newfound ‘rudboi’ accents almost to the point at which you cannot understand them. The height of most Bracknell chavs careers is selling a few bags of dope, buying an XR3i and then being promptly arrested for dangerous driving and drug dealing. The underclass of Bracknell appear to be very chuffed with their existence and would like to take this opportunity to point out:

  1. You’re not smart, you’re f**king stupid.
  2. Your benefits are about to be cut by the right wing government so get a job.
  3. Get some decent clothes and shoes because you all look like clowns.
  4. Good luck with the future because you don’t have one.