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What the f**k is happening to this country. Reading the descriptions of towns on this site makes you realise that the whole country is being infested by these low life scumbag poncing c***s. It seems no town in this fine land is immune from the Monday morning convoy to the post office of the in one tracksuit wearing fat c**t and her whippet like boyfriend (current) pushing a pram to pick up the weekly handout so they can start the cycle all over again. In Braintree at least this involves dumping the kid off at grannys, getting pissed outside Tescos and stuffing their faces full of greasy shite from one the many fast food eating establishments. These w*****s who have bearly left school and are too young to accepted into any of the many pubs in the town, night after night congregate in the Market Square huddled in small groups around two or three 50cc mopeds swearing at the top of their voices and shouting comments to any innocent victim who happens to be walking past., for instance…
Last Friday I went to get some Fish and Chips (as friday is fish day) from ‘The Cyprus Fish Bar’ which in my opinion is the finest F&C shop in the area but is unfortunately located in the Market Square. As i pulled into the only remaining car parking space, I noticed this 5ft 2in 16 stone female chav with all in one white tracksuit, hair pulled back so tightly that her f*****g eyebrows were where her hairline should have been, big fuckoff lizzy duke hooped earings that look like the sort of things you see around the necks of masi tribes women, glowing white trainers and this is the ‘creme de monthe’…….burberry socks…….i’m mean, they have to have it somewhere don’t they. they can’t just leave it at home!!!
Giving her the benefit of the doubt as she may be a very pleasent young lady who lives in a mirrorless household or is partially sighted etc etc, I preeded to lock the car and walk directly to the easting establishment. This slag couldn’t f*****g leave it though, couldn’t resist it, she knows shes below the age of 18 so assult on a minor does not enhance anyone criminal record, with a large group of fellow foul mouthed chavscums, and that she was female (however I still am debating this) and I could feel her getting poised to blurt some comment as I made a bee-line to the front door to the F&C shop and then…………. it came out ‘what you f*****g looking at yer c**t’

F**k me!….for a start as soon as got out my car I never even looked at the bitch, and not even being 100% sure of the gender how the f**k did it expect me to give an answer. but i did.

‘Shut up you little Chav’ I politely said

‘Whats a f*****g Chav’ it squeeked

‘visit chavtown.co.uk and you will find out’

As she stood there slightly confused I carried on my merry way pushing through the crowd huddled aroud several paggio scooters and bmx’s

So this story is dedicated to you, fat c**t of a chavette hanging outside the cyprus fish bar on a friday night. I hope you fall victim to one of the Armys late night recruiting drives when unsuspecting chavs like you are invited to sign up.
whilst hanging around street corners pissed out your sculls, attempting to breed with each other.

This filth of an underclass need to be shown the light, and if a 18 month stretch in Karbul or Basra is the answer then so be it.

Braintree, was once a sleepy north Essex market town but since the opening of ‘Freeport Designer Chav Shopping Cenre’, and building of Marks Farm/Kings park estate and Great Notley Garden Village which all have more than their fair share of chavs, the town is turning to shite, like the rest of the f*****g country!

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I had the experience of returning to live in this town after living away for 5 years and was dismayed to see that the chav culture has increased by epic proportions. Braintree has always been renowned for inbred cockney wannabe scum, though I personally blame Freeport designer village. This shopping centre just outside town is jam packed with crappy sportswear outlets and you can observe chav families there spending on the credit cards or using up dole money (AKA our hard earned tax ) on their shitty chav uniforms.
Now I like a bit of fishing (sad I know) which lets me get a bit of peace and quiet, so yesterday my brother and I visited the local river for a spot of fishing, which runs past a housing estate (the fairview) which is probably one of the least shitty estates in Braintree. But the f*****s were there too! Little 14 year olds roaming about and some twat on a quadbike with a toddler (no crash helmet of course) and some deranged chavette running alongside. Driving home we passed St Micheals church yard, completely packed with chavs drinking stella and giving us the evil eye as we drove past.
I haven’t ventured out at night yet but my brothers often do, apparently the chavs are everywhere now. Where do all these c***s come from? They’re taking over!

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