I had the experience of returning to live in this town after living away for 5 years and was dismayed to see that the **** culture has increased by epic proportions. Braintree has always been renowned for ****** cockney wannabe ****, though I personally blame Freeport designer village. This shopping centre just outside town is jam packed with crappy sportswear outlets and you can observe **** families there spending on the credit cards or using up dole money (AKA our hard earned tax ) on their ****** **** uniforms.
Now I like a bit of fishing (sad I know) which lets me get a bit of peace and quiet, so yesterday my brother and I visited the local river for a spot of fishing, which runs past a housing estate (the fairview) which is probably one of the least ****** estates in Braintree. But the ******* were there too! Little 14 year olds roaming about and some **** on a quadbike with a toddler (no crash helmet of course) and some deranged ******** running alongside. Driving home we passed St Micheals church yard, completely packed with ***** drinking stella and giving us the evil eye as we drove past.
I haven’t ventured out at night yet but my brothers often do, apparently the ***** are everywhere now. Where do all these ***** come from? They’re taking over!

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