I, like many other hard working people live in quiet town called Braintree. Famous to historians for the cattlemarket that used to be held in the towncentre every saturday and for the old victorian school/museum down Mannor Street.

UNTIL They arrived….*****, TOWNIES, **** whatever you want to call them. It seemed as if I woke up one morning and the old town of Braintree had been turned into a government testing site for a new breed of Human.

I, like many other hard working people NOW live in a rather ***** town called Braintree. Famous to British citizens for the ‘Designer’ clothes village known as Freeport and the new cruddy plague infesting housing estates built on a monthly basis to cope with the increasing amount of knuckle-draggers that roam the streets of this hell hole!

How grim is your Postcode?

Ever since that dump Freeport was opened, (on the old rubbish tip, Convenient huh?) to the dim-witted, 14 year old mothers of this once peacefull town, Their numbers have quadrupled in size! Apparently this great idea that freeport was supposed to be, (to attract more business and to stop clogging the old town centre) has failed miserably, Not only did the amount of **** start to grow in the outskirts/poor estates of braintree, it seemed to persuade more and more unemployed, dole scrounging Kappa-******** from neibouring **** ********, poor excuse for echonomically growing towns to come and buy its cheap **** exuse for clothing on a daily basis.

For example, A couple of weeks ago one staurday I was sitting in the car queing to get into the carpark outside Comet. (Our TV had blown up the night before so we decided to chnge it. If you ***** don’t know what a TV is, go find out) It took me and my dad 30 minutes to get in the carpark because of all the clapped out Novas and Escorts which occupied the whole family from braintree’s sister town ‘Witham’, doing wheel spins when pulling away from the roundabout.

Eventually once we had parked the car and were walking towards the store(Which IS NOT in freeport) my dad and I saw, a group of kids around 12-15 standing outside the shop throwing popcorn at each other.. (I presume they stole it from the cinema which just opened next to freeport! but im not going to moan about that today otherwise we would be here for ages)..As soon as they saw me dressed in jeans and a black Green Day hoodie , The plastic wearing male of their odd speceies immediately stopped throwing food at each other and started shouting things like "..I ******* hate Greebos, Oi you ******* Goth ****" etc, the usual **** we all receive. This was all shouted infront of everyone!

usually when this happens I just ignore them or confuse them by speaking sentences at them containing more than 2 sylibols. However on this day I felt feeling a little more confident with my dad walking with me so I shouted back to them "Go back home and feed your children, ****" I had forgotten that this part of town consisted of 99% ****! and as soon as I said this I looked round and another group of ******** were walking towards me and my dad. We quickly ran into comets knowing what type of injuries we would have probably ended up with if we had stayed.

little did I know that they had gathered more reinforcements from out of nowhere (probably mated with each other in a short space of time to produce little creatures called chavlings or whatever they do on friday nights outside tescos) This meant that all the other customers were unable to leave the store aswell. Eventually the police were called in to remove them from the premises.

Braintree has turned into a depressive place to live in the last few years. People like me, a 16 year old guy, who listens to Rock music, a style of music made by REAL people with REAL talent who play REAL instruments get abused and tormented by groups of around 5 or 6 ******* at least with an IQ of their group size combined.

I ******* hate this place, it seems to be getting worse and worse! Somebody help me before I get brutally stabbed defending myself and culture one last time!

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