Bradford, West Yorkshire

Visit Bradford, The pound shop mecca of the north.
You call em ****’s we call em scroats… different name, same ****.
They swan around in their ‘George at Asda’ burbury caps, and Adidas tracksuit tops from Matalan, 2 for a fiver.
They all hang around outside Burger King while the bird gets her tammys from superdrug.
They’ll be Grandmother ****, Tina (32 yrs) queuing up at the postie with a *** in one hand and a giro burning a hole in her bum bag, with her baby grandaughter Kay-liegh, in her arms, because mother **** Kylie (14 yrs) is on her drug treatment order class.
15 year old Dad **** Kyle will be hard at work in cash converters bartering for best price on his 5 DVD players, 2 xbox’s and a playstation from last night’s burglarys.
Nobody can say bradford isnt diverse, Here in bradford, we even have wannabe asian ****’s who always take things one step further with compulsary golden tooth, flashing keypad nokia phones ( x 2), and f reg honda civic, “twin cam mate init” with go slower UV tubes underneath. of course they wont hang around outside burger king, and prefer to sit 4 a breast in their Civics comparing sovereign rings and psudo jamaican gangser accents.
One of the scariest things about bradford is that you cannot tell when the ****’s have moved into town, as they blend seemlessly into the ********* pushing their car boot prams about town between new look and the bus station, except for the obvious lack of common Bradford accent.
So why delay visit bradford today!

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