Living in Bradford
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Bradford, in my opinion is the biggest s**t stained town in Europe, never mind the UK. With around 526,400 people in it’s district and most are chav Asian drug dealers who roll around in their F**king awful pimped up Range Rovers and people who just spend half of their life in wetherspoons drinking away while claiming benefits. I come to this place either smelling piss or the smell of sh**ty takeaways.

The city centre is nothing less than a monstrosity. Filled with 60’s building which look hideous and with every hour a bunch of chavs coming out of a shop and having a punch up. I mean what will happen when westfield opens and all the shops in kirkgate close? fill up with Asian boutiques and takeaways? This city was nominated for the European city of culture, Are your Sh**ting me? which Nob head did that? obviously he hasn’t been to this place in their life.

Don’t get me started on the public transport, the service is sh*te for the money you’re paying and if you dare actually board the buses in this town you will inevitably get killed and your body will look so disfigured nobody will recognise you. If you go 1 mile or so out of the city centre you will find yourself in Manningham, trust me it’s worse than Detroit. This place has litter all over the floor while half of it are abandoned mills which have been looted by gypseys, this place also hosted one of Britain worst riots in 2001. if you go further it just looks like one big Hackney filled with uber chavs abandoned buildings, burned up buildings and drug houses. In this city you will see more flashy cars than in any other cities because there is so much drug crime, it’s almost just part of everyday life. Trust me this place makes Detroit look nice.

The unemployment levels are off the scale more than 85,000 of the population haven’t had a job in their life and live off benefits and then allegedly spend those benefits down at the local wetherspoons.

So let’s sum that all up Bradford full of druggies alcoholics, chavs and sh**ty takeaways which i don’t understand how they keep running and the sad thing is none close but f**k loads open. Put it this Way Bradford is the stinking arse crack of Europe and all the pieces of scum come here to claim benefits. Bradford, if you see a sign saying it’s coming up, run for your life while you have the will to live.

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