Bradford-full of every type of chav scum in Britain

North EastYorkshire

Bradford has to be one of the chavviest towns in the UK, with 500 out of every 1000 teenage girls getting pregnant, (okay, so that’s overreacting a bit.)  They’re also known as charvs, charvas, townies or even chorers.  The typical slaggy chavgirls usually have names like Chelseigh, Ashleigh, Stacey, Kaylee, Kelsey, Chantelle or any other name that sounds remotely chavvy.  They wear enough 2True foundation to restock Superdrug, a whole eyeliner, with their hair in a high ponytale with bits hanging down at each side are then gelled to their heads.  They tend to wear skirts that could practically double as a belt and like to wear Bench gear (decent designer label, labelled and ruined by chav scum.)  They hang around blaring out crappy dance/trance music from their cheapo phones, with a little kid in a pram, in ChavWorld, it’s cooler to have a baby between the ages of 13-17, usually named a chavved-up version of a normal name like Cortnie, Kloe, Shannen, Keelee, Britnee, Hollee, Tayla, Jorja, Kylee Ashleigh, dillon.  They usually stand around council estates or shopping centre whistling at boys hoping they’ll ge something (I’ll leave that to your imagination), that go past, swearing and shouting, not thinking about the fact that they have a kid to see to.  The boys (boiz as they are called by chavgirls) usually wear trackie tops and gel their hair in a spiked-up style, their brains are all down below and they only want one-night stands.  They swear more than girls and stand around in dodgy places smoking weed.   At night, they either leave the kids with the parents or get absolutely pissed at a mates place.  That’s where if they’re not up the duff or have a kid already, they’ll probably get pregnant.
Language codes include
“ya talk s**t, ya proppa fukin bitch”
“I’m a burberry babe innit.”
Places they like to eat include
Pizza Hut
‘Maccy D’s’
Getting pissed, drinking, smoking weed or fags

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