Bow – Poplar

**** spotting enthusiasts would have a field day on the local transport system. Particularly on the Docklands Light Railway. Here you can see a whole array of plumage on these *****. Most of whom buy their burberry caps, Evisu Jeans (and not forgetting the Blue Adidas tracksuits with the double white stripes!) at the local All Saints, Chrisp Street market. Even the older generation of ***** sport Burberry shopping trolleys and the ****** mummies have the burberry pushchairs! It’s wall to wall Burberry!

Of course sometimes ***** think nothing of visiting the plush Canary Wharf shops to do a bit of theft or “missions” as they like to call it. This is after jumping their fare on the DLR and covering the floor with gob. What is more ammusing is the accent these local ***** have, they all sound like a cross between Ali G and Mick Jagger!

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