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Bournemouth YMCA (Delta House)

Along Bournemouth’s prestigious Westover Road, a short walk away from the pier and town centre you come along the cheapest accommodation. Not a cosy BnB, but the YMCA. Here you will find few people under the age of 16; however I did work experience here for about six months until I saw sense and left. “Old chavs” (anyone over the age of 20) live here and are always seen hanging around the reception or in the restaurant were I worked. We had problems, cutlery always went missing because they use to steal it and put it in each other’s bags and then at dinner time (The only time when they aren’t on the streets) they complain. We had tray shortages too as well as complaints about prices. Here they felt at home, helping themselves too whatever was going, I have seen some thrown out ex residents being arrested asking me for fags claiming that they get paid the next day. They go out at Friday nights and then have no money during the week but breakfast and dinner is free to all residents, but that doesn’t mean they expect a free lunch too! The SPIRIT project (Where they talk about their problems) come in too and seem to think that £1 covers they cost of 3 meals (1 costing £2.50) with freebies. If you want to work in catering with the customers from hell everyday of your life and get assaulted in the evening work here, coz for me it is was great experience working there, I found something new to right about for chavscum! Oh, it is really nice to get called “mush” whenever walking past! Once there was a power cut and the residents had to go to McDonalds for dinner with tokens. The suport workers know what the residents want!

Also visit Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, home of the average area with some typical bad estates and a rough high school too.

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