Boston, Lincolnshire, the land of pregnant 14 year olds

Living in Boston, Lincolnshire
Living in Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston, Lincolnshire, the land of pregnant 14 year olds

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If you have ever been to Boston in Lincolnshire then undoubtably you will have had the utmost pleasure of seeing many a pregnant 14 year old with the obligatory poverty pack of 10 Richmond fags. Learning the local lingo of Boston is quite hard to do, so may I suggest going to a local primary school at 3.15 and listening to some of the parents as they fetch their children. More than likely you will hear a plethora of delights such as below:

* Ello duck.
* Git ova ere yuh little bastard
* Yeah my boy as got ADHD and ee’s disabled so we get PIP (50 more mothers nod in agreement and state that in fact their child too has ADHD)
* Did yuh giro come?
* I’m off Kwiksave duck. Are yuh coming?

Nightlife in Boston usually revolves around Saturday nights in Eclipse or groups of youths meeting at “moon under the water”. The proper c***s meet in the Still and then congregate in the wine bar where they wont need to buy drinks due to the fact that they downed two bottles of SPAR shop Lambrini before going out. Chat up lines will go along the lines of:

* Got a light Duck?
* You’re a well minger you are
* Shut up then
* Heard it

Boston sports a growing EMO population. Boston EMO’s are normally Grammar School or Boston College students who throw on a black top, paint their nails and dont wash their hair in the hope it will make them be just like the morbid and suicidal people in EMO songs. Boston c***s laugh at EMO’s which is funny in itself because the rest of Boston laughs at the C***s.

If you like cheap gold, Richmond fags, wheeling a baby in a manky pushchair with a bottle of tea stuffed in its mouth through the market place then Boston could be the place for you.

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