Borehamwood, **** Central (The flag of Burberry)

East AngliaHerefordshire

Gather round masses and I shall tell you a tale of a town not far from London, a town called Borehamwood…? never heard of it? lucky you, the name itself is enough to make me feel ill.
This town has to be the ULTIMATE “soul” home of “chavdom” its a small town in hartfordshire possibly best know for the elstree studios and “who wants to be a millionaire” it has everything a **** ever wanted and thats probaily why they emirgrate in such large masses (definatly in the hundreds :)…no really its not funny). Everyone there is a **** including there skaters and they all speak in a strange Kent/essex/Jamican accent.

Such sight scenes include; The 17 estates worringly VERY close to town,
the great ol’ Mac D’s, Mac Donalds seems to be the main attraction over there, I 100% swear on my life that there are well over 40 **** ***** that infest the area,
The local cinema, which was nicly set up for them only to be trashed completly…oh well councils fault for even bothering with the bastards,
Tesco for there food and thieving needs and where the woman of the town all work,
The swimming center, not used by the ***** as they have no education on what swimming even is and are baffeled why people would want to get in the water and risk drowning,
The many corner shops where the owners have become strangly rich on the ammount of cider they sell for just 49p buy on get one free and last but not lest the local skate park where ***** like to go to tuant the local skaters and call them losers…:) I’ll leave that for you to deicide.

In local news at the moment someone seems to be taking action against the ***** as there is an air gun sniper on the loose who has already shot two ***** in the head…oh well maybe they got sense knocked into them…althought thats unlikely.

Local past times of the ***** are; all wait outside mac’ies intill…….?,
Hide and wait for the double decker bus to come pass and pelt it with stones, now this is a pain in the **** I remeber having to go through the town and having the bus attacked at possibly six in the evening and once again on my return of eleven by the same people, this just shows they REALLY DO HAVE NO LIFE.

Its amazing how many places the hang around on the streets mainly because its house after house after mac donalds, if we gave them a give way or coming up to lights they would have a full time occupation as a road sign.

I cannot stress how much I HATE this town full of guys who love rap and the dreaded R&B but are racists and dirty bint woman who just laugh at everything you say and pump there spawn all over the place. Although I don’t condone the borehamwood sniper its a hell of an idea 😀

By the way I’m not from Borehamwood and will NEVER be part of it, I’m from a **** hole called Harrow which is acctually pretty low on *****…now, I spit on them when I see them and on halloween we egged them on there favorite spot but thats another story 😀

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