MerseysideNorth West


not one street corner is without your ape-like **** male and glowing orange ******** female.

I am unfortunate enough to actually live here, and have lost count of the number of times I have been approached by some smack-head asking ” ey luv, av yer got 20p to lend us like ?”

I am only 15 and as I live here I certaintly stick out as a target for these ******** creatures, why?

1. I am not permanatly Orange with either Bleach Blonde or Black hair.

2. I dont wear tracksuits (EVER) .

3. I dont quite see the point in going out in the teaming rain every friday night to sit in a bus stop sharing a bottle of cheap cider around 15 people trying to get “bevvied” .

Not all of bootles residents are like this, but unfortunatly a vast majority are.

I advise you to stay well away from this area of Liverpool if you do not wish to be constantly badgered for 20ps, or puked on by pissed 12 year old pregant girls.

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