MerseysideNorth West

If you go over the seaforth flyover, past the docks, down Derby road, and over the canal Bridge you come to this ****** shitghole this looks like liverpool back in the 80s does this place, everywhere you look there are so many ******* people just buming around, half of them look like they have been on drugs, and i think the only reason they have opened up a ******* lidl and tesco is to stop people shagging each others mothers or sisters

The strand is an awful hellhole by the day, and i am sure paul kersey agrees with me on this one, the amount of **** shops, endless awful sports shops is utterly amazing beyond belief, i had a drink underneath The **** building yesterday in Wetherspoons and the lazy bootleite shites nver even bothered asking me for any id which i picked up on, say i would have been underage, any wonder we are deemed as self-pity city by outsiders, i dont think this but i know for a fact it has been said everywhere you look there areciggarete buts, dog shites, litter all over the place  and the smell of smoke and piss knocks you sick, i feel dirt y pass me the dettol.

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