Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Greater Manchester, North West, United Kingdom

The once proud town of Bolton is now a sewer. No one sews any more as the textile industry was exported along with any other worthwhile jobs and all that’s left to knit lies festering underground. Even the soccer club ain’t in Bolton anymore, fobbed-off to some marsh probably owned by Council chancers before the planning permission, who them scooped up town centre property to build gentrified flats in the devastated town centre. Most youngsters spend their time drunk in Bradshaw Drain or drugged-out on the tributary estates. We have a university proud to be only the fourth worst in the country and a hospital climbing the high-death rate tables at a speed similar to that of the Wanderers’ demise.

  • Edward Abbott

    Agree with everything said here and on the comments, recently the crime rate has risen with organised crime being more prevalent, Bolton is truly gone.

  • Giant’s Seat

    Coaches full of day visitors used to come to the market..now they go to Bury, next door. What a damn shame. Any visitor coming from the south off the M60 then A666 will enter town via Bradhsawgate and see boarded up shops. Whats gone wrong ? Also it’s a dispersal town for asylum seekers ( no offence intended as they need somewhere to live ) so the majority of people walking round town are ( I estimate ) 35% Caucasian, the remainder from overseas. The council are a joke. I upped and left . Still love the place I grew up in but it pains my heart to see it have raced to the bottom.

  • PlainWhiteSte

    Can’t disagree with the OP’s views. Bolton has been heavily neglected since it’s Industrial decline.

    Access to the town centre is atrocious and has a lack of identity sadly.

    What was once a proud inventive town has turned into a shadow of it’s self.

    Samuel Crompton would be turning in his grave.