Living in Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East, United Kingdom, West Sussex

They should rename this town Morrisonville, seeing that the town is dominated by this supermarket. Awards should go to all the councillors, past and present, who knocked down all the buildings of character and replaced them by ubiquitous blocks of seaside apartments. Some bright spark in the 70’s also got rid of the sandy beaches, replacing them with pebbles.

Bognor Regis must be the only place I know that has a clear class divide: the wealthy live in Flelpham and Middleton on one side of the town or Aldwick on the other, leaving the centre to ordinary folk. I can only conclude that the wealthy must do their shopping in Chichester (6 miles away). The result: schizophrenia in terms of demographics. Funny place.

  • prawn

    i’ve been involved with a my share of woman. and the worse onces where the bognor ones. they f**k you about and use you. and most of the time there single mothers who use there child as an excuse.

    • Northern Monkey

      I’m from the north and I married a woman from chichester and Yeh the women down here have major sociopathic issues

    • Steve

      Learn to spell.

  • Angela

    So why is there statistical info regarding health, percentage of benefit claimants, education levels, immigration and health not on this page as it is for some other areas? For instance, Blackmoore in Hampshire. Can anyone let us know why such important information isn`t on the page for Bognor Regis? Is it that the public needs to find it in government department websites and place it on here?

  • anonymous.

    What a load of absolute bollocks! Bognor isn’t the best place to live in – granted, but where is?!

    I’m proud of Bognor – it’s home, and there could be MUCH worse places to live in. It is looked down on a lot, but if it was that bad, we wouldn’t have the rich, posh estates that we have here, and we wouldn’t have pop stars and actors buying houses down here, would we?!

    Yeah – Bognor does have its issues – drugs, chavs, Eastern Europeans, but it’s a lot better than other places.

    • Charlie

      Eastern Europeans as an issue? You stupid w**ker. Folks from eastern Europe pump more money into this place that you ever f**king imagined! At least they are not scrounging benefits like you lot lazy bastards. Get f**king real before posting any opinions.

  • SecretSteve

    I’m guessing pebbles are some sort of sea defence? They shouldn’t have bothered. Let the place flood and start over!

  • Georgiaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Bognor Regis is a sh*t hole. Chichester is much better. Less crime in ‘chi’… hence why it is better

  • snobbychavhater

    Bognor Regis is looked down on and sneered at by the stuffy, arrogant, right wing bigoted snobs of Chichester, whether rich or not. These ridiculous arseholes, with their utterly unfounded air of superiority, think that because they live in ‘Chi’ they are better than people who live in Bognor. Best thing to do with Sh*tchester and its obnoxious inhabitants is to fence it off and make sure that decent people do not get ripped off, have their reputations torn to pieces by the malicious w**kers who live there, or have their hopes destroyed by scum.

  • Meme

    Wow.. bognor used to have a sandy beach?! Why on earch would someone replace that with pebbles? *scratches head*