Written by Anonymous. Posted in Wales

A skanky dump some 5 miles or so north of the illustrious chav town Bridgend. This s**t hole was spawned from the grandfathers of welsh charva, the bastard coal miners.This hell hole is the primortial soup of the burburry wearing bastards! who wear joop! It is also infested with mothers of 12, roid head and basically assholes! pity goes to the one metal head who lives there, whos depression has turned him emo ¬_¬’… proves what a s**t state it is. The geographical statistics put this dump back in stage 1-2 of the old demographic transition model, nice to know that they still live like CaveChavs up there ^-^, f*****g bums..,
please note, i no longer venture to hunt burbs in this area as they are quit nifty at throwing empty flaggons and used condoms, the risk of virul infection is too great,

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