Blackwood, Gwent

Bloody hell, where to begin? It seems that the past few years have seen the ***** take over, mainly since the council moved loads of them from the notorious Lansbury Park estate in Caerphilly over to Blackwood. Most of them can’t even speak properly (example: 15 yr old tracksuit/fake burberry clad **** “Oy bah……BAHHHHHHH. Lend me 10 bence for some faaaags”). **** breeding grounds in the area include the Apollo Way, Penllwyn and Brittania estates. Now, I’m not saying that all these places are particularly bad, and all that live in them are the **** **** we’ve come to know (and hate) but increasingly large areas of them are beginning to resemble Beirut after a bad day of fighting. Other hotspots include the new trading estate at the bottom end of the high street which includes a McDonalds (no need to starve now, boys!) and a big car park at Asdas which becomes a focal point for knobheads in their chavved up Corsas, Saxos and Novas now that the police have started a campaign to try and stop them driving up and down the high street. In fact one **** was even in the local paper a few weeks back after winning a place in the “max power” finals in Birmingham. He managed to spend £15000 (yes fifteen thousand!) over the past three years doing his N-reg corsa up to be the ultimate Twatmobile including massive air vents on the bonnet, massive body kit, DVD player, big exhaust, leather racing seats, the whole **** caboodle! The article even had a picture of him wearing the typical ****-driver uniform (burberry cap, slack jawed gormless facial expression). Younger ***** can also be found congregating in the park on Attlee road, day and night, trying to impress each other and the locals with their limited vocabulary, most of which are words of less than four letters and two syllables, the bus station, the library on saturday mornings (why? is nowhere sacred?) and ******* around the steps by Somerfield.
Come on people of Blackwood, I urge you to join the fight to reclaim our town back from the rapidly spreading disease that is chavness!

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