I’m greatly surprised my beloved hometown hasn’t yet been added to the role of shame on this here website.


I come and post from Blackburn in Lancashire. A town dying on its ****. 

My particular beef is with the nightlife. It may seem surprising to outsiders but as relatively recently as 2004 Blackburn was a good, good night on the tiles consisting of probably a couple of thousand people of mixed ages, a roughly 50-50 gender divide and relative decency enjoying a number of respectable pubs. 

Fast-forward 7 years and what do we have? Blackburn has now surrendered itself completely to the element of **** that has always existed in the background, but who now call the shots. The pubs are  dives that now exist only to serve the lowest common denominators of local society. 

Drug dealers, dole wasters, bums, guttersnipes, fallen women, young ******** and their steroid pumped teenage boyfriends. It’s a f*cking nightmare! A cross between ‘Shameless’ and the Star Wars canteen at best. 


Blackburn pubs themselves haven’t seen a lick of paint, or a hoover or duster in 5 years or more. A couple stink of human feces from the blocked drains in the toilets. The regulars don’t care because hiring a plumber may see beer costs rise indirectly. You have to get your prioroties in order you see! Cheap beer whilst breathing in **** is a small price to pay for the patrons. The staff are comically inept, disinterested and/or rude. 


I really begrudge going and rarely do. The last time a few months ago, against my better instincts, I visted the Postal Order pub about 10pm one Friday night only to see a 16 year old-looking girl casually throwing her guts up in the middle of the pub. No-one cared.


Many of the younger girls are rough beyond parody. Dresses 3 sizes too small revealling bruised white legs. Pissed out their minds before they leave their front door. None of them take any money into town, they just arrive tanked up off cider and cheap wine to then abuse people or pass out. 

The Blackburn lads are hillbillies. Most steroided up + Dad in prison = most respect = shagging most ********. 

Perhaps apathy is a solution? In Blackburn its the only solution. 

By: Gaz

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