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Blackbird Leys is the epicentre of chav scum.
As a kiwi backpacker I had the privilage of living there for almost a year for my staff accommadation!
Our next door neighbour was and still is a complete chavette. Only 19 years old and already with child. She had numerous male friends who used to seem to be a rota of what night they stayed, also used to take it in turns to beat her. Not very nice.
Her boyfriends offered some of our flatmates some crack for a good price. How Generous.
The local spar was there hang out, also seemed to be a breeding ground for pitbulls.
Even if you were just running in for a second you locked all your car doors and alarmed it, just in case.
I have to admit I have never been scared before of under 12’s but Blackbird Leys showed me fear of a new kind.
Chav scum are the WORST.

PS In NZ we call them bogans, but they are no where near as bad as the Chavs of England.

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