Bishops’s Stortford aka – **** Town

East AngliaHertfordshire

Well what can i say apart from this lovely Hertfordshire town has turned into a east london ghetto!! (Yea Right) All the local asbo’s ******* down the complex, using Mcdonalds toilets and trying to sneak into the bowling alley bar, thinking if they put there hoods up no one will notice then. The barry boys doing the **** lap round town from 6pm until 12pm with holes in there exhaust they only decide to go home when they have run out of petrol (if they havent done a petrol run) and they have got to get up early to sign on, taking them to another **** town of Harlow – with the local Job centre plus a hang out for all the local crack heads. Nike air max tracksuits and the the TN hats are the local fashion statements,if a teenager girl under 14 aint got a pram and 2 kids then she aint cool. The local schools are single *** and at 4pm they all meet up at the local spider park for a quick shag up havers or sainsburys. I cant understand what is so fun about sitting in a car park when its -4 and its pissing down with rain – JUST GO HOME! all the little rude boys walking like they have been shot in the leg and the mouthy little tarts walking down the town with half a bottle of vodka and coke! Its like vicki pollard in real life…. what ever happened to staying in and watching Blue Peter and Byker Grove???!!!!!!!

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