Bishop’s Stortford

this isn’t quite a **** town just yet, but is pretty dam close. it’s just up the road (the m11) from ‘Arlow which i think says a lot, and it seems that the impoverished youths of the town are beginning to get a Harlow influence.

they all seem to hang out down the mulitplex these days, most of the ***** can’t remember it not being there but i can because it was only built 5yrs ago. here we have a cinema, bowling alley, and the **** havens of kfc and “maccy d’s”. i was in that mcdonalds a few weeks back with one of my non-**** friends queueing behind 6 or 7 Vicky Pollards. seriously, matt lucas has got her spot on with the indecipherable whining. also, it was only 6 or 7 years ago we got an argos wiv liz dook which is never a good thing.

at night, the **** males do laps of the 1-way system in their **** cars. the earliest i’ve seen it is 2pm, which made me & my friends piss ourselves when the **** passengers had to get out and lift the front of the car so it could get over the pathetically low speed humps.

How grim is your Postcode?

as i say, Stortford is not a proper **** town like ‘Arlow or croydon but give it 12 months and it can rival them both.

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